Many companies across the globe are investing in the apparel industry. Behind the scene, international clothing manufacturers & suppliers are making and selling clothing all over the world to fashion brands big and small. Today we are here to find out the best 7 international clothing manufacturers in the business. 


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1. Fangyuan Jackets

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Fangyuan Jackets is a renowned clothing manufacturer situated in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. The company dedicates its time to produce stylish goods fit especially high-end jackets and coats for companies and clothing brands all over the world. Jackets of all kinds are available for customization at cost-effective prices and low MOQ. As a professional jacket supplier, Fangyuan provides excellent sampling service which assures that you have the design and quality you want. Just send your design or sample, Fangyuan will make it for you. 


Some of their goods include puffer jackets, parkas, softshell jackets, bombers, etc. 


2. Shenzhou International Group Holdings


Shenzhou International Group Holding is a manufacturing company situated in China in Zhejiang province. The company began its operations in 2005 in Hong Kong and expanded to become among the leading clothing manufacturers in the world. This company’s capabilities are production, embroidery, cutting & sewing, printing, dyeing, finishing, packaging, and transport services. 

Their products are majorly sportswear, lingerie, t-shirts, dresses, etc.

3. Under Armour


Under Armour is a US brand formed 25 years ago to provide activewear to its customers. The company started from humble beginnings, where the owner started the company in his grandmother’s basement. The founder had an idea of producing activewear using a synthetic fabric that will enable it not to soak moisture. The outfits grew in popularity and soon became a sensation among Americans. They have signed contracts with big names in the sports sectors, making them a major activewear supplier to athletes and sports companies.

4. Interloop Limited


Interloop Limited is a clothing manufacturing company in Pakistan that deals with the production of mainly denim clothes. It is an international company with more than 24,000 employees who work effortlessly to produce 500,000 denim plus 1.3 million activewear each month. The company has various facilities on three different continents, making their vision of producing clothes across the globe possible. They also manufacture socks and leggings. 

Some of their well-known services are knitting, spinning, dyeing, and finishing. The company also started from humble beginnings with only ten knitting machines and now boasts several machines that enable them to work efficiently.

5. Ralph Lauren Corporation


Ralph Lauren Corporation is a global leader in lifestyle products from clothes, fragrances, accessories, etc. Their products are world-class since the quality and design are above standard. He ventured into women’s clothing, making the company among the most renowned clothing manufacturers in the US and beyond. Some of its products are under Polo’s brand name, including a necktie line that the company started ages ago.

6. FMT (Garments)


FMT Garment is a family-owned business that deals with clothing manufacturing. They began their operations twenty years ago, manufacturing and exporting products. FMT grew and now owns 12 sewing lines in their facility that comprises 400 sewing machines from their small business. They have also employed several employees who produce approximately 180,000 garments monthly. 

The fabrics used are made in-house, making profits even more since they save a lot by making their fabrics. Examples of apparel produced are hoodies, pajamas, t-shirts, official wear, etc.

7. Zalando SE


Zalando SE is an online company specializing in seventeen countries, offering clothing, shoes, bags, sportswear, and other accessories. In 2008, the year of its inception, it was known as Ifansho; later, the name changed to Zalando SE. Their main focus was on footwear during this time, but they decided to venture into clothing and other additional products. The main aim of this company is to grow the fashion industry by providing quality goods that are above international standards. 


Zalando SE is considered among the best clothing manufactures in Europe.


Clothing manufacturing has become a very lucrative industry that many people benefit from. The industry creates job opportunities for many young people hence raising their living standards. These companies are many globally competing for the demanding market. Companies like FJ are among the leaders both in the US and Internationally. We are a one-stop shop as we offer quality apparel that will suit you in any weather. 

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