Starting your own private label clothing business? Want to customize the clothing for your own fashion brand? You’ll need this secret list of the best clothing manufacturers perfect for the private-label fashion business! 


The fashion industry has become very competitive, having a good manufacturing partner is hence one of the most important keys. Don’t want to be left behind? You’ll need the manufacturer to support you efficiently and professionally with comprehensive services. These companies manufacture quality apparel for various known brands to ensure they are ahead of their game and with excellent quality, find out now.



Table of Contents

1. Fangyuan

As a manufacturer of different world-class apparel, Fangyan Jackets is known for its quality jackets as their primary product, as well as their jackets OEM Service. The jackets are bubble coats, bombers, seam-tape jackets, and more. You can send your design or sample and Fangyuan will make it for you at low MOQ. Based in China, Fangyuan supplies its goods to other countries like Canada and the UK. The products at Fangyuan are very affordable; hence many people prefer their products. 

Also, Fangyuan boasts it excellent sampling quality. It provides free sampling service to ensure that you are sure and happy with what your design has come out to be. If you want to custom-make jackets & coats in bulk, Fangyuan is absolutely a good choice.

2. Apliiq


Apliiq is a private label clothing company situated in Los Angeles in the US. The company was founded to provide a platform for creativity and art in apparel. Their products are guaranteed to make your brand grow due to their quality and uniqueness. Some of the products at Apliiq are sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies, tops, joggers, leggings, etc. Apliiq also offers labeling and branding services to their clients to ensure everything from production to finishing is a perfect fit for the international market.

3. Alanic Clothing


Alanic Clothing is a sportswear, fitting, and fashion manufacturer with its headquarters in Beverly Hills, California. Their services are not limited to the US only, they also reach other fashion-forward countries like the UK, Australia, and Canada. The company permits customization of their goods to represent their client’s brand while ensuring quality and comfort are at the forefront of production. 

Examples of products include men’s and women’s shirts, jackets, underwear, lingerie, kid’s clothing, fitness wear, among others.

4. Four Fashion


Four fashion is a clothing manufacturer started by two sisters and later joined by two more sisters forming the four fashion company. The company is dedicated to bringing quality, integrity, and style to modern apparel. They have partnered with two successful brands, Lost in Lunar and Madison the Label, meaning their products are top-notch. The company’s main goal is to create achievable outfits for every woman and makes them confident while wearing them. They offer a low MOQ of 80 units per color/ style.

5. X-Company


Since 2004, X-Company has been designing and manufacturing clothes for women. The company is situated in China where all the magic happens. Their company is driven by the passion and love for design expanding its territories and now supply its products across the globe. One thing evident about this company is their products have above average quality and the services are very flexible. The orders are 300 items and above.

6. Contrado


Contrado is a private label clothing manufacturer in the UK supplying fashionable apparel to the market. Their specialization is in making custom apparel on demand and supplies them worldwide. The company has forty websites in fourteen countries, in nine different languages. Contrado gives creatives a platform to make eccentric and quality products for their various customers.


The products at Contrado include trousers, swimwear, hoodies, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.

7. Garment Resources


Garment Resources is a Pakistan-based private label clothing manufacturer producing quality apparel and supplies locally and in Australia, Europe, and UAE. They manufacture products such as skirts, pants, blouses, coats, etc. The products are offered at low MOQ making them a great partner for small businesses and start-ups. One setback is their inability to supply large orders.


Garment Resources goods are inexpensive making them great for the general market. The company has become among the leading private label clothing manufacturers in Pakistan and the world.


The private label business is very beneficial for the fashion industry since not every brand has the capability of manufacturing clothes themselves. Offering these services is vital for the industry and the economy. FJ is an example of these companies as we offer the best in the industry. Our main product is affordable high-quality jackets that will make you feel like a Hollywood celebrity. We get our inspiration from celebrity styles hence coming up with the trendiest outfits. 

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