Summer and Jacket are not words you normally find aligned together right? However, there is something that you’ve been missing out on while avoiding these jackets. Yes, the summer is meant for shorts, bright t-shirts, and floral shirts… and maybe a glass of juice/mojito too. But we would like to introduce to you a fashionable trend that has been in the dark for too long… “The Summer Jacket(s)”


We don’t need to tell you how aggravating it is to leave the house in the burning sun just to return shivering – or worse, wet and gloomy – but we do need to tell you how to avoid such weather shifts with some sharp summer layering. These are the best summer jackets to wear this season, along with tips on how to style them.

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Technical Softshell Jackets

The Fangyuan Softshell Jacket

It would be wonderful if every summer day could be guaranteed to be dry and sunny. Unfortunately, many of us are unable to do so due to geographical constraints. If you live in an area where the weather is volatile, purchasing a high-quality softshell jacket is a must.


There was a time not long ago when alpine climbers and outdoorsmen were the only ones who wore performance rainwear. Outdoor apparel, on the other hand, has become the latest workwear in terms of men’s fashion, and it is now possible to integrate such garments into an ensemble without them appearing out of place.


Outdoorsy pieces can fit well in terms of styling. But keep in mind that this is meant to be a jacket that you can put on with something at any time. Given this, it’s generally better to focus on the jacket’s appearance rather than what you’ll be wearing with it. Stick to dark colors and plain, minimalist styling for full versatility.

Sporty Lightweight Jackets

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Men’s fashion has long drawn significantly on sportswear for inspiration, and this upward trend has only accelerated in recent years. As a result, sports heroes like the coach jacket have become essential pieces of clothing in their own right.

The lightweight construction and breezy cut of this outerwear silhouette may have been built with life on the playing field in mind, but it’s an excellent candidate for your next summer jacket. Purchase the sporty lightweight jacket in different makes to keep your styling diverse.


Maintain a similar sporty vibe when styling it. This isn’t the kind of outerwear that goes with slacks and polished Oxfords. Instead, go for relaxed weekend staples including customized joggers, chinos, and shorts. Stick to sneakers for footwear – clean and basic if you’re going for a minimalist look or a colorful suede runner for something a little more on-trend.


Lightweight overshirt Jacket

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The overshirt is probably the most ideal lightweight jacket for the summer. It has the capability of keeping you warm and stylish at the same time. This item can be worn with everything in your wardrobe, making them priceless. The kinds of clothes that you can put on for something and not have to worry about how they look. That is exactly what a good overshirt is.


The overshirt is a versatile piece that works well as a layering piece in colder weather and as a light jacket in warmer weather. Choose a lightweight but sturdy fabric like cotton twill, and you’ll be able to use it for several years.


Stick to neutral and earthy colors for optimum flexibility. Select one in a pastel shade for maximum summer points. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to overshirt styling. That’s the beauty of this particular outerwear: you can just put it on and go.

Denim Jackets

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We have yet to discover a more durable piece of clothing than the denim jacket. It’s been a staple since the mid-nineteenth century, and it shows no signs of going away anytime soon.


Most modern denim jackets are based on Levi’s trucker, which was the first to incorporate the elegant, slim fit and pointed pocket flaps that have remained the norm for more than 50 years. The most flexible denim is mid-weight denim, which allows you to layer up or down depending on the weather.


When it comes to styling a denim jacket in the summer, easy layering is vital to avoiding suffocation. Wear it with a simple T-shirt and a pair of chino pants or shorts due to the jacket’s weight. If you’re going for double denim, make sure the bottom half is a darker hue with good contrast between the two bits.

Lightweight Bomber Jacket

A Bomber Summer Collection

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The bomber is the dynamic pop-up down the road where the denim jacket is the monument of menswear. While the bomber’s legacy is deep – it was originally designed for fighter pilots, hence the name – it has been reinvented and remixed several times in recent years.


Since the original bomber jacket was intended to be worn at high altitude, they can get very warm, so save your retro MA-1 for the cooler months. Instead, opt for a pared-back cotton style or a lightweight nylon replica summer jacket.


As for styling needs, keep your bombers quick and neutral for maximum flexibility. A simple khaki style can be dressed up with dark cropped trousers and a printed shirt, or worn casually with black cargo pants and sneakers. Bombers will easily add bulk to your frame if the fit is too loose, so keep the cut slim.

Chore Shirt Jacket

Men’s Chore Shirt Jacket

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By all accounts, the chore jacket has no place in the twenty-first century. Their big patch pockets (designed for carrying tools) and rugged construction, which were first created for blue-collar industrial workers in the early 1900s, are redundant to necessities in the world of hot-desking and team-building retreats. Nonetheless, the workwear renaissance has elevated the chore to hero status, with a new generation praising its boxy, practical fit and durability.


The chore lends itself to getting dressed up a bit much more than most summer jackets. To offer smart-casual dressing a workwear twist, a chore jacket can easily be substituted for an unlined navy blazer. Wear it with chino pants and clean white tennis shoes over a light blue Oxford shirt.

Harrington Jacket

The Harrington Jacket

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The Harrington jacket is a pop-culture staple of the highest order, with a long history in the United Kingdom. This basic workwear style, popularized by stars of the 1950s such as Elvis Presley and James Dean, rapidly became one of the hottest new things in menswear ever since.


The Harrington lends itself well to summer wardrobes thanks to its cropped fit and unlined design. You’ve got yourself an outstanding summer jacket when you combine that with a basic style that goes with almost everything else you can think of.


It’s pretty straightforward styling a piece this versatile, but if you’re stuck for ideas, go back to the jacket’s 1950s roots. A plain white T-shirt tucked into slim-fitting jeans provides the ideal backdrop. Also, high-top canvas sneakers or desert boots complete the look.


In the modern-day, stylists have found endless ways of styling lightweight jackets in the summer. And so we do encourage you to purchase a variety of jackets, suitable for all seasons all year round. As for the summer in particular light and soft-shelled renditions of this outerwear are the most appropriate for you.

We do recommend checking out the Fangyuan jacket collection to find custom jackets for all seasons year-round. Good luck and happy styling!