The importance of finding the right summer jacket has never been greater. Government constraints are easing, and we can now visit pub gardens and restaurant terraces with friends and family who are not in our immediate household.


Dressing for these occasions is, however, easier said than done; even at the best of times, navigating weather-appropriate dressing can be difficult. And we’ve all endured the sporadic sweating and shivering that comes with April’s fickle weather.


Buy a summer jacket to eliminate the morning guesswork. The right one, lightweight and quick to layer, will see you through spring and into September. This article gives you a guide on the various lightweight and softshell jacket options for the summer. Do enjoy!

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The Quilted Jacket

The Fangyuan Quilted Jacket

The quilted lightweight jacket has increased in popularity during lockdown – owing to people walking more and appreciate nature. Take a look at 2021’s take on the trend before dismissing it as too country: traditional forms have become minimalist and sculptural, and hardware has been kept to a minimum.


This jacket is perfect because it is warm while remaining lightweight, allowing you to easily layer it or wear it alone over a midi dress. If you’re not sure if this trend is for you, start with the Fangyuan quilted lightweight jacket, you can even have it custom-made for you. Alternatively, use COS’ reversible type, which allows you to move from the patterned nylon side to the plain nylon side depending on the occasion.


Consider wearing a knee-length quilted coat with a pair of indulgent neutral-colored trousers for an all-around roomy fit. Also, try teaming a quilted trench with lug-soled stompers.


A woman in a denim jacket

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You’re missing out if you don’t have a denim jacket in your closet. This outerwear alternative, which was popularized by Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot in the 1950s and 1960s, has never gone out of style. And it has no intention of going away anytime soon.


Try a grown-up monochrome version or a different silhouette entirely if the standard blue versions don’t appeal to you. Roped shoulders and tort buttons have been applied to Boden’s feminine version, though Hush and White Stuff have incorporated some 1980s influences. What’s the best part? If you buy one now, it will last you for years to come because the fabric improves with each wash and use.


Combine it with a slouchy top, wide-leg trousers or a skirt, and chunky platform heels or chic sneakers. It gives off an old-school vibe with a contemporary twist! A blue denim jacket, like your jeans, goes with any color. You might also try wearing a tulle skirt with a crop top and a denim jacket, which is a common trend right now.

Women Softshell Jackets

The Fangyuan Softshell Jacket

A softshell jacket blends the benefits of a fleece jacket and a rain jacket, providing warmth as well as good wind and water resistance. In warm weather, it’s worn directly over your base layer. You should try leaving the zipper open to avoid heating up. Investing in a Fangyuan softshell jacket for the summer ensures comfort since it is made of a stretchy fabric that allows for greater mobility as well as increased durability and breathability.


While styling these jackets, you can just about put on anything. From sporty looks to jeans and a plain white t-shirt/top. However, do wear sneakers or any other sporty footwear, while styling this jacket.

A Stylish Blazer

A woman rocking a blazer

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For many seasons, trouser suits have rocked the catwalk. The blazer trend has made tailoring become, once again, a part of our everyday wardrobes. The blazer has evolved from its workwear origins to become a true womenswear essential. We love how it can quickly dress up a pair of jeans or add a touch of edginess to a feminine dress.


Traditional, tailored models can be just as flexible – plus, nipped-in waists are so flattering. Oversized shapes are the fashion favorite at the moment, but traditional, tailored styles can be just as versatile – plus, nipped-in waists are so flattering.

Utility Jackets

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Utility jackets, the pared-down little sister of the military jacket, come in the same neutral colors as the military jacket and are commonly punctuated with pockets and sleek hardware. Avoid embellished epaulets and engraved buttons because the emphasis of this trend is on functionality rather than frills.

If cropped hemlines and oversized fits aren’t your things, go for a waist-defining belted form – it’s not only flattering, but it’s also the ideal mix of smart and casual. Go for a plain colored t-shirt and some casual or jean shorts and pants while styling the utility jacket.


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Anoraks don’t have to be frumpy, as this article will reveal. Fashion and functionality are once again entwined thanks to the emergence of athleisure and utility patterns.


Designers have been tinkering with this coat in order to come up with something a little more mature. How do you look a bit more put-together and less like a happy camper? Easy (no logos) designs are preferable to sporty (logos), and old-fashioned fastenings like snap buttons and drawstring toggles are preferable to high-tech features, which can feel too practical. 


Since this is an all-year-round jacket option, you can also choose to style your wardrobe based on it. Jeans and sneakers are ideal. Wear a t-shirt or singlet under your anorak to shield yourself from the wind, sun, and any summer showers. Since the anorak jacket is made entirely of cotton, it allows the skin to breathe.

Lightweight Trenchcoats

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Last but not least, the trench coat is a wardrobe staple that any woman should have. It’s the essence of transitional: versatile, comfortably dressed up or down, and (most importantly) showerproof. While classic beige styles are the most timeless, there are currently a plethora of interesting options available on the high street.

Styling a trench coat requires you to exercise some class. This since the item has appeared in almost all fashion seasons for the past decade. Trench coats are roomy since they were made to be worn over military uniforms. This means you can layer your trench coat with anything from a light t-shirt to a chunky jumper. You have the option of using the belt to change the fit of your trench coat, so it should never be too tight or too loose. Despite the fact that the trench coat is water-resistant, it looks great in any weather.


Yeah, those scorching hot summer days are on the way, and I’m sure you’re excited to break out all of those sleeveless dresses and halter tops stashed in the back of your closet. However, because of the reliably warm weather in June and July, air conditioners will be running at full blast inside, so grabbing a good lightweight jacket is a must to avoid goosebumps all over our arms. It’ll also be useful on those cool summer evenings when you’re out after the sun has set.

The aforementioned choices are the best since they have a wide range of styling options for the entire summer. For all-year jacket designs, the Fangyuan jacket manufacturer makes them custom to your needs. Be sure to check them out. Good luck, and happy summer styling.