Keeping pace with market trends is never easy. However, it’s important to acknowledge that industry is ever-changing and in order to stay ahead of the curve and avoid competitors passing you by. you need to know market trends.

How to get to know fashion market trends

-Absorb up-to-date industry research an trends reports

-Abserving consumer habits and behaviours.

Which are the unmissable  Fall/Winter 20119 fashion trends to help your hot sales? After seeing runways, front-rows and street style of Milan, London, Paris and New York Fashion Weeks, Here are the 7 fashion trends 2019 for lady outwears


Shows organized by famous brands for the whole world, what is happening outside of the location, Here, from theory, one can move on to practice: The following  show us the main trends on the podium and how much apply in the street style.

Oversize down jacket

Whether we want to believe it or not, season’s trends are forecasting a long, harsh winter because the puffer jacket from the 80s is making a comeback. It.

Consider this puffer jacket slightly tweaked and updated, but still inspired by its sporty and cozy origins. now the fluffy jacket are very bulky, multi-layered and incredibly thick. Options for a style with prints, neon, metallic (silver or gold) or bold color.

Military Style

The parka is a sure bet since…forever! This military-inspired style has become essential, Military is a familiar style for us, and despite the fact that it refers to the unisex format, with its elements (several pockets, rivets and roses, patches, badges and flags full …….) create quite feminine images. Option color for black, navy, khaki, grey or beige, so it can go with everything or go with a camo print.

Leopard print

Every year, this trend comes around. There are no limits to the patterns. From snakes to leopards to zebra – everything is represented. In this trend, The combination of textures of the season is dense fabrics with leopard print and leather.

Plaid print

In this new season, Scottish tartan appears not only on the traditional kilt but also on coats, trench coats and vinyl jackets, blazer.. Stylish pants suit appears in the range of gray and brown colors and in small and large Prince of Wales plaids. the male models

Trench coats

Back to Basic, An English style coat with a plaid lining is a foolproof style that never let sale down. It will return to the classic motifs: English collar, belt in the waist area, pockets, belt in cuff.


Quilting as a technique is the sandwiching of at least three layers of fabric and the stitching of these layers to create a textile that is both warm and durable.  Outerwear is the most obvious choice for quilting,by incorporating the classic fabric technique into all kinds of garments, from gossamer dresses to skirts to puffer.


Metallic were plentiful on the runways this season, offering protection from the winter’s cold with varying levels, cut in contemporary shapes and sizes.


Fashion girls  post  their coat outfits on social platform and their looks are signaling the trends. from classic styles like trench coats to trend-forward pieces like puffers and animal-print outerwear.

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